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Turn your used and unwanted books, comic books, vintage & antique magazines, and vinyl records into cash! I’m a full-time university professor, but in my free time enjoy scouring my surroundings searching for collectible treasures.

Since I began selling various formats of media online in 2000, I quickly realized that I loved finding appreciative homes for the various collectibles I found.  I also love my inventory; I read the books, comics and magazines, and love kicking back and listening to the records that sell before shipping them off to their new homes.


What I’m Buying

I purchase a wide variety of vintage and antique book, comic book, magazine and vinyl record collections.

I’m located near King of Prussia (PA), and since I have a full-time career (i.e., Professor at West Chester University) I mainly buy from people in my local area (Chester County & Montgomery County). However, if you have an amazing collection to sell I may travel further.

Here’s a list of what I’m looking for:

  • Vintage/Antique Signed and/or First Edition Fiction Books
  • Vintage/Antique Non-Fiction Books
  • Comic Books (primarily 1970s and earlier)
  • Vintage/Antique Magazines
  • Vinyl Records (everything from Classical to Hip Hop)
  • Current Academic Textbooks (primarily published in the last 5 years)


What I Do Not Buy

  • Books that have been wet or are moldy or smell of tobacco smoke
  • Books without covers
  • Books that are in poor condition relative to their age.
  • All Encyclopedia sets
  • Readers’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Older Editions of travel guides or other books that come out with new editions each year
  • Dated political biography or current events
  • Textbooks more than 5 years old
  • Book club edition fiction
  • Bestseller fiction
  • Romance or Science Fiction (except vintage SciFi – paperback or hardcover)
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines published after 1979


Determining What to Sell

If you want to sell only a few items, those items preferably should be valued at $100 (on-line resale value) or more.  If you want to sell many items from a collection, or an entire collection, there can be a wide range of values. As long as what you have fits into the shelves of my bookstores, I’ll be happy to take everything I can afford off your hands!



If you have particularly valuable merchandise and want to get as much as you can for your items without having to go through all the trouble selling them yourself – I can help you with that as well.  I’ve been selling on Ebay for over 16 years, and on Amazon for more than 10 years.  When you entrust your items to me, I’ll do my best to get you the most money than I can for what you have.  Since I’ll be working for a commission, it’s in my best interests to sell your merchandise for the highest amount possible.  Here are the steps in that process:

  1. After contacting me about the items you have,  I’ll email or mail you a Consignment Agreement to look over.  If you agree to the terms we can set up a time to meet.
  2. I’ll come to you and inspect the merchandise you wish to sell.  I’ll quickly do some research on the spot to see what your item, or similar items, have sold for in the past.
  3. With that information in mind, you’ll decide what you want to sell, and what is the lowest amount you’re willing to accept for the item(s).
  4. We’ll then complete and sign the agreement together (in duplicate).
  5. I’ll pack up your items, bring them home, do some more research, take a lot of pics, and put your items up for sale on Ebay and/or Amazon. I’ll also email you links to the items’ webpages.
  6. You’ll be notified when your items sells.  I’ll deduct the final sale fees and the shipping costs from my percentage of the sale (as outlined our consignment agreement).
  7. Once the person who purchased your item receives it and is happy with it, I’ll send you a check representing your cut. Sometimes, but very rarely, items are sent back.  If that happens, and once the item has been returned safely, I’ll provide the buyer a full refund and then list the item for sale again.

I sell almost everything through a “Buy it Now or Best Offer” format.  However, sometimes items do far better if offered as an online auction.  If that’s the case, we’ll discuss that option.

Here’s the Consignment Agreement we’ll need to complete before doing business together:


Helping Hands Books Merchandise on Consignment Agreement


This agreement dated_______ is between _______________________, the owner of the merchandise, and ________________________, the consignee, located at 6302 Sentinel Ridge, Norristown, PA 19403 (cell # 315-480-0890).  The consignee accepts on consignment for a period of _____________ days the following items:


Item __________________________________

Description/Size __________________________

Condition ______________________________

Reserve ________________________________

Sold for ________________________________



The items for sale are on loan only. The owner of the merchandise retains full ownership of their items. In the event of a sale of an item, the owner will be paid _____ % (percent) of the retail price within thirty days of the purchase.  Merchandise not sold within the agreed time will be returned to the owner in the condition received.  The consignee is responsible for the full value of all works damaged while in their possession or due to inadequate handling or shipping materials and procedures.

Signed, ____________________________, Date________, owner of merchandise

And _______________________________, Date_____ consignee.


Contacting Me and Setting Things Up

If you have things to sell that I’m looking for, you can either:

  • Call me (Travis) at 315-480-0890 and leave me a message including what you’re hoping to sell
  • Email me at

Either way, if you can send me pictures via text or email I’d really appreciate it.

If I like what I see, we can set up a time to meet so that I can look through your collection. Depending on what you have, the size of your collection, and how much money you want for it all,  I may need to take pictures and notes, do some research, and then get back to you the following day with an offer.  Otherwise we can negotiate on the spot.

I pay CASH!!!


I look forward to meeting you!



CALL: (315) 480-0890







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