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Helping Hands Books is a social venture dedicated to supporting community and youth development. The future belongs to the young. Unfortunately, youth development programs seldom have sufficient funding. By contributing a percentage of our sales to community and youth programs, we hope to assist as many young people as we can in achieving their dreams. We know that it takes a village to raise a child, and by capitalizing on the value of used media, we aim to do our part.


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A Little Background

Helping Hands Books is essentially a socially and environmentally conscious recycling company. We capitalize on the value of used, unwanted, and wasted media products. We then channel a portion of the profits from the sales of those items into the communities close to home.  Most of what we sell is purchased from non-profit thrift stores.

Helping Hands Books LLC began as a fundraising event at Widener University in Chester, Pennsylvania. The founder, a full-time graduate student earning a Doctorate of Education and a Masters of Social Work, was looking for way to raise money for his student organization while simultaneously helping support the youth center that supported him throughout his teen years called The Town Shop. Inspired by Better World Books – we put together our first book-drive in the fall of 2007. The success of that book-drive led to the creation of Helping Hands Books!

Since its inception, Helping Hands Books has donated over $8000 to youth organizations and other great causes, $850 to local libraries, $1350 to campus organizations, tens of thousands of quality books to good causes, and thousands of dollars in purchases from local non-profit thrift stores. It’s amazing that so much good could be accomplished simply by tapping into a much-wasted resource. Not only are we able to give back to our community, but we are doing our part to keep the Earth as Green as possible. Even the mailers we ship with are 100% recyclable, made out of 90% recycled paper with 50% post-consumer content.

Helping Hands Books was created to give back, while demonstrating an increasingly popular business model. One that uses capitalistic methods to raise funds for causes in need. We at Helping Hands Books feel that every company should donate a portion of their profits to the communities in which they operate.  This is all about people helping people. We hope you will join us in making a difference in the lives of our nation’s young people, as well in the lives of young people around the world.

From all of us working to make Helping Hands Books a juggernaut of civic engagement, thank you for your support!




Site Map

Sell Books – Do you have books, comics, vintage magazines or vinyl records you like to sell?  If so, let me know. 

Impact Lists all the contributions Helping Hands Books has made to youth programs, campus organizations, and human service organizations. It also lets you know how much paper, destined for landfills, that we’ve recycled.

Partners Provides a list of our Library and Community Partners that support us and get the word out about who we are and what we do.

Q & A Answers all of your questions about Helping Hands Books.

Youth Programs Is an ever-growing descriptive list of the youth programs that benefit from Helping Hands book sales. The Featured Youth Programs page also provides information about donating directly to the youth programs listed.

Donate Lets you know how to donate your books to our cause. Also featured on this page is the “Book Donation Hall Of Fame,” which lists every person who has donated directly to Helping Hands Books!

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